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About this website provides information about scheduled road closures due to events such as parades, marathons, and festivals as well as road construction and filming in the City of Toronto. This website also provides information about transit detours resulting from those road closures as well as scheduled subway closures. The database covers road closures for 2017 and 2018. We have found that this information is often missing or inaccurate on other traffic websites. Information is typically updated once a day in the evening on weekdays and more frequently on weekends. Currently this website does not provide information about emergency road closures (e.g. car accidents, police investigations, severe weather) or unscheduled transit disruptions. For information about unplanned road closures and transit disruptions please visit one of the following sites:

Or listen to the radio station 680 News (AM 680) or watch the television channel CP24.

Note that most information about road closures due to construction on provincial highways in Toronto is not yet available on this site. Please visit 511 Ontario for more information on provincial highway closures (such as nightly maintenance on expressways).

Note that this website currently only provides information about road closures within the City of Toronto (with very limited exceptions).

Data sources

Road closure and transit detour information is compiled from a variety of sources, including freedom of information requests, Toronto Open Data, city press releases, Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Police, event organizers' websites, and other municipalities' road closure websites and transit agencies.

Note that information on many road closures is based on road closures for last year if detailed road closure information is not available for this year.


Toronto Open Data

The following data sources come from Toronto Open Data. Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Toronto:

Other data sources - Toronto

Wikimedia Commons

Some images are from Wikimedia Commons and copyright information is available there:


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All road closure data, subway/train closure data and transit detour data is available under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) version 1.0 or above. Most of this data is available from the road closures API and the subway closures API. Please note that some data in this website may be derived from OpenStreetMap and this is the same license used in OpenStreetMap. You are welcome to use this data for commercial and non-commercial purposes, but you must provide attribution to

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